Rail way industrial equipments


 For METRO Traction substations

Technical Specifications:

Type of rectifier: silicon diode

Configuration: 2 × parallel three Phase Bridge (12 pulses)

Type of installation: indoor

Enclosure degree: IP 31

Method of cooling: AN

Output voltage: up to 3000 V DC

Rate Power: up to 4500 KW

Rate current: up to 5000 A DC

Standard: IEC 146 class VI

Max. ambient temperature: 40

Main Parts:

Diode bridge

Terminal Box of auxiliary connections

Complete diode module (Diode heat sink & RC circuit)

Control box of the rectifier


Online - Single,Double, Parallel, Hot Standby and Load share

High power - up to 250 KVA single phase and 500 KVA three-phase (higher power by order)

High reliability and efficiency

High power quality

Low output distortion

Fast Response to step loading

accordance with IEC, IPS, NEMA standards

  • The JDEVS UPS are base on world
  • class technology with high reliability and accordance with customer's needs. used in projects of oil and gas , refineries, petrochemicals and power plants.

Automatic charge of Different types of battery

power supplying of batteries and Load simultaneously

  • The JDEVS industrial Battery Chargers are constant Voltage,Current Limited, 6 or 12 pulses Technology & based on power electronic converters. The battery charger designed and constructed without any limitation in current and output voltage and according to customer requirements