High Voltage Test Services

This center has so far been able to carry out valuable expertise and professional test services for industries and manufacturers which use high voltage equipment, as well as making high voltage test laboratory for higher education institutions and universities according to international standards. This center also has higher voltage test laboratory and portable high voltage equipment for proposing type and routine test services at its own laboratory and on-site test.


Based on our experience and well-equipped facilities, we offer a wide range of quality control services and onsite testing to our clients according to well-known standards

  • Dielectric test on Sheykh Bahayi substation GIS 400 kV in Tehran^ Dielectric test on Mobarakeh Steel substation GIS 400 kV in Isfahan^ Dielectric test on 400 kV GIS substation Besat Power Plant in South Pars^ Dielectric test on 63 kV gas turbines of Mobarakeh Steel Co., Isfahan^ Dielectric test on 132 kV GIS substation of Arak Aluminum Company^ Dielectric test on 132 kV GIS substation at line 7 of Tehran metro^ Partial discharge test on generator (Malard Karaj Power Repair Company) and generator (Khoy, Hamedan, Bandar Abbas, Shahid Rajai, Montazeri and Islamabad plants of Isfahan, Neyshabur, etc.) ^ Performing more than hundreds of quality control tests on the equipment including switchgear, cable, switchgear, generator, insulator, arrester, reactor, etc., by the Laboratory of Jihad University of Science and Technology


- Carrying out the short circuit tests on MV circuit breaker

up to 36 kV/ 31.5 kA

- Making and breaking test on MV circuit breaker

- Capability to do TIO, T30, T60, TIOO s tests

-According to IEC62271-100, IEC62271-100

  • Short circuit breaking test 25kA/36kV^ Short circuit making test 25kA/36kV^ Short time withstand current test 50kA/1sec, 35kA/2sec, 25kA/3sec