Industrial Power Supplies


 For METRO Traction substations

Technical Specifications:

Type of rectifier: silicon diode

Configuration: 2 × parallel three Phase Bridge (12 pulses)

Type of installation: indoor

Enclosure degree: IP 31

Method of cooling: AN

Output voltage: up to 3000 V DC

Rate Power: up to 4500 KW

Rate current: up to 5000 A DC

Standard: IEC 146 class VI

Max. ambient temperature: 40

Main Parts:

Diode bridge

Terminal Box of auxiliary connections

Complete diode module (Diode heat sink & RC circuit)

Control box of the rectifier


The power and control system of drilling rigs (SCR & MCC System) is one of the products of this center that has been designed and manufactured since the year 2001. The power system and control of drilling rigs in the center of engineering and construction of drilling rigs were 100% localized.

The construction of a metal structure (SCR room), SCR units, MCC units and existing transformators are carried out in accordance with international standards at the 1000 square meter electric power.

Other equipment is supplied as Plug & Recipient Plug and Air Condition system and installed in SCR room. The center manufactures or provides the equipment with the design, engineering, construction and assembly capabilities according to the technical specifications and the AVL desired by the employer, and then assembles all equipment in the SCR Assembly Assembly Workshop with facilities and equipment And perform cabling and electricity operations.

Possibility of cold and hot testing at the workshop in the presence of employer's representatives. After construction and delivery, During the gurantee period, the electrical and mechanical experts of the center will be present full-time at the employer's Yard. in the warranty period, the required parts will be provided by this center.

  • Technical Specifications: Draw Work driver: two engines with 1100
  • horsepower Mud Pump driver: Two sets of Mud pumps each include two 1100
  • horsepower engines Rotary Table drive: A 1100
  • horsepower engine Driving Top drive: A 1100
  • horsepower engine Main Diesel Generators: Four models of 3512B Caterpillar with 1225 KW power Emergency Diesel Generators: A model C15 caterpillar with 400 kW power DC motor drivers: four units with a maximum output voltage of 750 VDC and a current of 2100 Amps Diesel Generator Control Units: Four units with 600VAC / 60Hz power AC Motors Control Unit: A power
  • operated sliding type of 56 AC motors up to a maximum power of 100 hp Power Transformers: A 1250 kVA power unit and a 250 KVA power unit Dimensions of control room: Length: 13.5 meters, Width: 2.6 meters, Height: 3.2 meters

High Current Transformer Rectifier

  • Input voltage: up to 20kV/ 50 Hz/ 1 or 3 Ph.^Output current: up to 50 kA DC^Output voltage: up to 500 V DC^Cooling: AN, ANAN, ONAF, DWF^Auto/manual control of output voltage & current^Electronic control by microprocessors^Standard port for connection to computer^Suitable for industrial and laboratorial environments


Oil, Gas and Chemical Industries: Pumps, Compressors, Extruders, Mixers and Blowers

Cement, Mining and Minerals Industries: Conveyors, Crushers, Mills, Mine Hoists, Fans and Pumps

Power Generation Industry: Fans, Pumps, Conveyors and Coal Mills

Water and Wastewater Industry: Pumps

Transportation Industry: Traction Electro motors of Metro, Trains and Ships

Metals Industries: Fans and Pumps

Pulp and Paper Industries: Fans, Pumps, Refiners, Vacuum Pumps and Chippers

Other Applications: Test Stands and Wind Tunnels

Key Features:

Compatible with old and new electric motors, Modular design and high reliability, Low Harmonic  Distortion at input current and output voltage, Five level inverter, 24 pulse rectifier, Industrial HMI and communication, Compact design


Technical Specifications

Input Supply: 4.16 to 20 kV - 50/60 Hz

Output Voltage: 3.3, 4.16, 6, 6.6 kV

Output Frequency: Up to 120 Hz

Output Power: Up to 10MW

Efficiency: Around 97%

Power Factor: Around 97%

Duty Cycle: Continuous

Cooling Method: Forced Air Cooled/ Water Cooled

Operating Temperature: 1 to 40 °C

Protection Class: IP21 to IP42


Online - Single,Double, Parallel, Hot Standby and Load share

High power - up to 250 KVA single phase and 500 KVA three-phase (higher power by order)

High reliability and efficiency

High power quality

Low output distortion

Fast Response to step loading

accordance with IEC, IPS, NEMA standards

  • The JDEVS UPS are base on world
  • class technology with high reliability and accordance with customer's needs. used in projects of oil and gas , refineries, petrochemicals and power plants.

Automatic charge of Different types of battery

power supplying of batteries and Load simultaneously

  • The JDEVS industrial Battery Chargers are constant Voltage,Current Limited, 6 or 12 pulses Technology & based on power electronic converters. The battery charger designed and constructed without any limitation in current and output voltage and according to customer requirements

  • Online double conversion
  • High power factor  > 0.99
  • up to 8 parallel redundancy
  • Full DSP control
  • Cold Start
  • Automic restart
  • economic operation mode
  • Emergency Shut Down
  • Rectifier and inverter with IGBT Base and PWM control
  • Support generator input
  • Options: SNMP card/Relay card/Parallel board

  • The JDEVS standard UPS(semi
  • industrial) with world
  • class technology with High reliability, High Efficiency, High power factor. designed and constructed for different industries .

 HVDC Power supply for vacuum coating


Fine and homogeneous coating

Production unalloyed material


Technical Specifications

Input voltage: 380 V/50 Hz/ 3 Ph

Output voltage: 0-30 kV DC/ 0-4 ADC

Type of control: By PLC adjusting voltage and current and process

Cooling: air cold, oil cold (ANAN, ONAN)

Duty cycle: continues


Multiply Voltage Power Supply (HVDC)


Research Physics lab

Hipot tests

Technical Specifications

Input voltage: 220V/ 50 Hz/ 60 Hz / 1 or 3 Ph

Output voltage: 0-200 kV DC/ 0-10 mA

Type of control: adjustable & stabilizer voltage

Cooling: dry type

Duty cycle: continues

% Ripple: less than 1%



The JDEVS inverters are Submited  continuous Load and safe For special applications. The range of this production is from 1KVA to 500KVA (more power to order) designed according to international standards and manufacturing according to customer requirements.

  • single or dual
  • mode^Load sharing" or "Hot standby"


High Voltage Transformer Rectifier


Electrostatic Precipitators

Vacuum Coating


Technical Specifications

Input voltage: 380kV/ 50 Hz/ 60 Hz

Phase: single Phase

Apparent Power: 10kA-350kVA

No load Peak voltage: 30kV up to 140kV DC

Impedance voltage: (30 + 5)%

Output current: 200 - 2500 mA

Protected by DMCR relay

Hermetic case

Oil immersed type

Microprocessor based controller

HV/LV control cabinets


Dry type Transformers


Drilling rigs


Motor – drives



Furnaces, welding, & high current applications …

Technical Specifications

Input voltage: up to 1000V/50 Hz/ 1 or 3 Ph

Output voltage: up to 1000 V/50 Hz/ 1 or 3 Ph

Rating Power: 2.5 kVA- 3.5 MVA

Conductor Type: copper & Aluminum

Single/three phases

Buck & Boost (one/three phases)

Auto Transformers

Type of control: adjustable & stabilizer voltage

Cooling: dry type

Duty cycle: continues

% Ripple: less than 1%




Battery Bank voltage measurement

temperature of battery room measurement

Battery temperature measurement

Measuring the remaining capacity and Backup time of battery  
up to 350 cells battery
Energy consumption : 10w
input voltage : 16V
External USB bus, RS323, RS485

  • The JDEVS battery monitoring systems are designed and Manufacturing for monitoring status of battery bank without any affect in performance and energy dissipation.

Electroplating DC power supplies


Creating additive metallic surface on the metals for increasing their period of life, protection aims and improving physical and chemical characteristics

Technical Specifications

Input voltage: up to 20 kV/ 50 Hz / 1 or 3 Ph

Output current: up to 20 kA DC

Output voltage: up to 500 V DC


Auto/manual control of output voltage & current

Electronic control by microprocessors

Standard port for connection to computer

Suitable for industrial and laboratorial environment