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Sales & Marketing Department
+98 (0) 21 7780 59 19
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sales.cps@jdevs.com - mgoodarzi@jdevs.com
After sales service
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Online - Single,Double, Parallel, Hot Standby and Load share

High power - up to 250 KVA single phase and 500 KVA three-phase (higher power by order)

High reliability and efficiency

High power quality

Low output distortion

Fast Response to step loading

accordance with IEC, IPS, NEMA standards

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Automatic charge of Different types of battery

power supplying of batteries and Load simultaneously

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  • Online double conversion
  • High power factor  > 0.99
  • up to 8 parallel redundancy
  • Full DSP control
  • Cold Start
  • Automic restart
  • economic operation mode
  • Emergency Shut Down
  • Rectifier and inverter with IGBT Base and PWM control
  • Support generator input
  • Options: SNMP card/Relay card/Parallel board

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The JDEVS inverters are Submited  continuous Load and safe For special applications. The range of this production is from 1KVA to 500KVA (more power to order) designed according to international standards and manufacturing according to customer requirements.

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Battery Bank voltage measurement

temperature of battery room measurement

Battery temperature measurement

Measuring the remaining capacity and Backup time of battery  
up to 350 cells battery
Energy consumption : 10w
input voltage : 16V
External USB bus, RS323, RS485

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Services of the Engineering Center for converters and power supplies With a history of more than two decades Design, engineering and manufacturing of UPS and chargers and ... are as follows:

  • After sales service of JDEVS Product
  • Repair services & Preventive Maintenance of JDEVS Product and other Company
  • Supply of industrial batteries
  • Test, recovered, and replace the battery