Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP)


A device which separates particles from a gas stream by passing the carrier gas between electrodes across which a unidirectional, high-voltage potential is placed. The particles are charged before passing through the field and migrate to an oppositely charged electrode. These devices are very efficient collectors of small particles.

The ESP is provided with longitudinal bottom hoppers or, if desired, with pyramidal hoppers. For special processes, the precipitator can be supplied with a flat bottom. The hoppers may be provided with heating elements.

Due to the high working temperatures, the precipitator is mounted on a support in a way that ensures minimum forces on the precipitator casing and support during repeated thermal expansions and contractions.

With more than 50 ESP installations in Iran and manufacturing more than 50,000 tonnes, we have the experience to understand your individual process requirements. We will help you to design the most optimal ESP configuration that adheres to stringent emission regulations for your plant.

 Our ESP solutions offer the lowest cost of ownership and have been engineered to deliver   100% efficiency and performance. Our flexible designs offer a host of benefits, including a   minimal equipment footprint, reduced energy consumption, simpler maintenance requirements and lower operating costs.

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