onshore Oil Drilling Rigs

onshore Oil drilling rig is one of the products of this center, which has been designed and manufactured since 2010. The localization of the first Rig is about 45%, which can increase up to 70% in future Rigs.

The construction of the Mast & Sub, Mud Tanks, Water Tanks, Fuel Tanks and SCR & MCC System is in accordance with international standards in the 5,000-square-meter workshops.

The center manufactures or provides the equipment with the design, engineering, construction and assembly capabilities according to the technical specifications and the AVL desired by the employer, and then manufacture the drill rig with an area of about 7000 square meters with facilities and equipment up to a capacity of 64 Ton, assembles all equipment and performs cabling and electricity operations. Possibility of Hot and cold testing, Rig Up and Rig Down operations at the Yard of Center in the presence of the employer's representatives. After construction and delivery, During the gurantee period, the electrical and mechanical experts of the center will be present full-time at the employer's Yard. in the warranty period, the required parts will be provided by this center.

Technical Specifications:

Type of Rig: Drill rig With an electric drive

mast and substructure of swing up type based on API 4F standard

Equipped with Power and Control System (SCR & MCC System)

Draw works with a power of 2000 horsepower

Maximum drilling depth 20,000 feet

The height of the mast from the surface of the substructure is about 150 feet

Structure of each drill pipe as 3 joints

The height of the substructure from the ground surface is 29.5 feet

Maximum static load tolerated by the Rig 1,000,000 pounds

Equipped with a rotary table with a size of 37.5 inches

Equipped with three reciprocating pumps with a power of 1600 hp

Equipped with Hook, swivel, Crown Block, Traveling Block

Equipped with a BOP system

Equipped with fuel tanks, water tanks and mud tanks

Equipped with Mud purification system

Equipped with a driller cabin

With the ability to install a Top drive

Equipped with 4 Diesel Generators (CAT 3512B)

Equipped with an emergency diesel generator (CAT C15)

Equipped with two diesel camps (CAT C15)


  • Type of tower: Power driven drill rig (cantilever) mast based on standard API 4F
  • substructure of swing up type according to API 4F
  • draw works standard with 2000 hp drill depth up to 20000 ft. ) From a substructure of about 150 feet. The structure of each stub is a drill pipe in the form of 3 joints. The height of the substructure from the ground surface is 29.5 ft. The maximum static load tolerated by a 1,000,000 pound latch. Equipped with a tops drive of 500 tons. Equipped with a rotary table with 37.5-inch size
  • Equipped with three reverse gear pumps each with a power of 1,600 hp, powered by two DC motors each with a power of 1,100 hp.

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