Power and control system of drilling rigs (SCR&MCC system)

The power and control system of drilling rigs (SCR & MCC System) is one of the products of this center that has been designed and manufactured since the year 2001. The power system and control of drilling rigs in the center of engineering and construction of drilling rigs were 100% localized.

The construction of a metal structure (SCR room), SCR units, MCC units and existing transformators are carried out in accordance with international standards at the 1000 square meter electric power.

Other equipment is supplied as Plug & Recipient Plug and Air Condition system and installed in SCR room. The center manufactures or provides the equipment with the design, engineering, construction and assembly capabilities according to the technical specifications and the AVL desired by the employer, and then assembles all equipment in the SCR Assembly Assembly Workshop with facilities and equipment And perform cabling and electricity operations.

Possibility of cold and hot testing at the workshop in the presence of employer's representatives. After construction and delivery, During the gurantee period, the electrical and mechanical experts of the center will be present full-time at the employer's Yard. in the warranty period, the required parts will be provided by this center.


  • Technical Specifications: Draw Work driver: two engines with 1100-horsepower Mud Pump driver: Two sets of Mud pumps each include two 1100-horsepower engines Rotary Table drive: A 1100-horsepower engine Driving Top drive: A 1100-horsepower engine Main Diesel Generators: Four models of 3512B Caterpillar with 1225 KW power Emergency Diesel Generators: A model C15 caterpillar with 400 kW power DC motor drivers: four units with a maximum output voltage of 750 VDC and a current of 2100 Amps Diesel Generator Control Units: Four units with 600VAC / 60Hz power AC Motors Control Unit: A power-operated sliding type of 56 AC motors up to a maximum power of 100 hp Power Transformers: A 1250 kVA power unit and a 250 KVA power unit Dimensions of control room: Length: 13.5 meters, Width: 2.6 meters, Height: 3.2 meters

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