Hybrid Filter


Hybrid filter can be designed by two methods:

1-Installing a Bag Filter next to the existing Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP):

-         ESP and Bag Filter are separate and both of them are joined together by the duct.

2-Installing a Bag Filter in some compartments of existing ESP.

-          ESP’s compartment and bag filters are in one existing filter casing; with retrofitting some compartment of existing ESP and replacing some compartments of ESP with Bag Filter.

How does it work?

The dust and big particles are collected by ESP and fine particles are eliminated by Bag Filter.

In a hybrid filter, the two methods are used:

1-Dust collecting by electrostatic force in electrical field.

2-Separating particles by cloth in bag filter Compartment .

At the beginning, gas flow is entered to the electrical compartment and under electrostatic field, about 90% to 95% of the dust is collected by collecting plates. The rest particles are entered to the bag filter compartment and settle on the bags. The collected particles make a spongy layer on the bags (dust cake) then with some facility we will collect it in the hopper.

In hybrid filter pressure drop is less than bag filter as a result, energy consumption is less than bag house.

The amount of A/C ratio can be 20% to 30% more than usual bag filter Also bag surface, quantity of cages and solenoid valves will be reduced.

Converting of ESP to Baghouse is such an optimization method for dedusting systems which can be used existing ESP’s compartment and fitted Baghouse to its performed by JDEVS.

As authoritative designer and producer of industrial dedusting systems in Iran , Air pollution Control Center having experts and senior experts does designing, manufacturing and erection of hybrid filter and also converting ESP to the Baghouse or converting ESP to hybrid filter .


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