JDEVS is a non-governmental organization which has been active since 1980 with the aim of localizing and producing technical knowledge in the field of designing and manufacturing industrial products, providing specialized services, and conducting applied research in the field of power and mechanics.

With the establishment of specialized services centers and research groups in power and mechanics, this collection could take effective steps toward supplying the research needs, user research, engineering services, as well as designing and manufacturing the products needed by the industry by establishing appropriate communication with universities and scientific centers of the country and attracting qualified specialists.

The successful presence of this unit in the oil, gas, refineries, petrochemicals, railways, cement, and mining industries, the production of non- ferrous metals, copper, aluminum and steel and the signing of numerous contracts with employers demonstrates the trust of industries to this knowledge collection.

The most important products of this unit include the design and manufacture of high voltage and high voltage industrial rectifiers, uninterruptible power supplies including all types of UPS and industrial chargers, moderate-voltage motor rounds control, power system and oil drill rig control,high voltage laboratory equipment, types of industrial dust collectors such as electrostatic filters and baghouses, oil drilling rigs, marine oil loading arms, oil spill containment systems, and electrostatic oil desalting systems conducted by numerous employers in various industries.

Guaranteeing the quality system in accordance with the ISO 2015/9001 standard, achieving a rank in seven periods of the Kharazmi Festival, and obtaining the conformity of product quality indicate the dynamism and professional performance of JDEVS in the industry.

This collection is supported by 400 personnel including the faculty members of four research departments (JD power research institute) in terms of research-science and six engineering and technical service centers in terms of execution (industrial designing and manufacturing).